M CON d.o.o. is a private company founded in 2015. with headquarters in Rijeka. Our company’s core business is organization of rail transport of goods in domestic and international market.  Our main focus is to assure high quality services in the field of transport and logistics, providing an individual approach while meeting the demands of every current and future client.
logistic services in railway transportation
M CON d.o.o. provides quality transport services and excels in solving logistical challenges while striving for new improvements and innovative solutions with cost optimization models. We ensure the utilization of adequate wagons based on cargo requirements in order to carry out transport in a high-quality and safe manner. We organize the transportation of the complete trains, along with individual logistics solutions adapted to the demands and needs of clients while keeping the highest degree of professionalism. 
In cooperation with national and private carriers and logistics companies, we offer complete organization and realization of railway transport while maintaining high quality of service.
    - According to your demands we plan, organize and manage the flow of your products
    - Professional consultation and individual approach to each client
    - Experience, knowledge, commitment and professional approach
    - To our Clients we guarantee reliability and quality of the provided  services
    - We create long term cooperation with Clients
    - Continuous monitoring of trends on the Market
    - Satisfied Clients and employees are the main goal of the company 
Railway transport pollutes the environment to a much lesser extent than other types of transport and at the same time consumes much less energy necessary for the transport of goods, which makes it the most environmentally friendly in terms of CO2 emissions, noise pollution and other aspects of pollution.

Rail transport and logistic

Organization of railway transport, obtaining necessary approvals and preparation of transport and accompanying (supporting) documentation.

Rail transport enables the transport of any type of cargo and goods by rail using specialized wagons. This type of transport is characterized by large transport capacities, safety, independence from weather and climate conditions, economic profitability, and environmental acceptability.

M CON d.o.o. offers a wide range of services and optimal solutions for its clients along the entire railway transport chain. Our experienced and educated team will complete every task with maximum effort and quick response. With many years of experience in the rail transport organization, we can solve very efficiently even the most complex challenges. We offer you a reliable, efficient, and quality service of transporting goods by rail and finding an adequate route from the place of loading to the final destination. We participate in the bypassing of frequent obstacles that occur on the transport route (delay problems caused by infrastructure works, transport problems, etc.) and we are at your disposal for complete logistical support.

We offer to our clients:

  • contracting railway transport with national and private carriers
  • planning and consulting regarding the choice of the best option for transporting goods
  • analysing and finding the optimal transport route
  • finding suitable wagons for transport in cooperation with carriers and private wagon suppliers
  • individually contracted shipments with the highest quality standards
  • preparation of all necessary documentation and transport permits in accordance with national and international regulations
  • tracking the movement of goods to a specific destination with daily reports and notifications about the arrival of shipments
  • detailed and precise data and the use of the most modern technologies for more precise and faster work.

We are familiar with all procedures regarding rail transport, such as additional services fees, as well as other costs related to the transport of goods. We organize efficient transport of goods both on domestic and international market.

railway transport

Meet our team!

Damir Boškin
Damir Boškin- Office manager -
Telefon: +385 (0)91 325 5112
Anton Jardas
Anton Jardas- Operations manager -
Telefon: +385 (0)99 355 22 99
Marko Rogić
Marko Rogić- Operative -
Telefon: +385 (0)99 527 73 44
Petra Brentar
Petra Brentar- Operative -
Telefon: +385 (0)91 325 5112
MBS: 040342443, OIB: 86468743406,  EUID: HRSR.040342443, Tvrtka: M CON društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću za transport i logistiku, M CON d. o. o.
Sjedište/adresa: Rijeka (Grad Rijeka), Korzo 11; Temeljni kapital: 20.000,00 kuna / 2.654,46 euro (fiksni tečaj konverzije 7.53450);

Osnivači/članovi društva
DEPOLINK d.o.o., Srbija, Broj iz registra: 21282243, Naziv registra: Agencija za trgovačke registre Republike Srbije, Nadležno tijelo: Agencija za trgovačke registre Republike Srbije, OIB: 35716512725 (Prikaži vezane subjekte) Srbija, Surčin, Dobanovci, Surčin, Maršala Tita 2006 - jedini član d.o.o. 

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Anton Jardas, OIB: 94357043774 (Prikaži vezane subjekte) , Rijeka, Kućina 2
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- zastupa sukladno čl. 47 i 48 Zakona o trgovačkim društvima, temeljem odluke od 21. listopada 2019.

DAVOR VUČAK, OIB: 24067798702 (Prikaži vezane subjekte), Rijeka, Vrhak 2
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